Located in Phoenix with testing facilities in Phoenix and Tucson, we run vehicle tests year-round.

We can also come to your facility for crash demonstrations or testing.

Vehicle handling tests

Crash Tests

Rollover Testing

Accident Reconstruction

  • Airbag Control Module Crash Data Retrieval
    • Bosch-supported vehicles (US, most European, many Japanese)
    • Kia/Hyundai
    • Tesla

Vehicle Component Failure Analysis

  • Vehicle Mechanical Systems Inspection
  • Vehicle Electrical Systems Inspection

Low-speed crash biomechanical reports

Vehicle Systems Failure Analysis

In-house Automotive Shop

In-house Fabrication Shop

Full Instrumentation/Electronics Shop 

My name is Michael Rosenfield. I am an engineer with a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University. I consult as a traffic accident reconstructionist and as an automotive test engineer. I initially worked in a clinical medical setting, and then switched to engineering. I have spent the last 20 years running automotive handling tests, component testing, component failure analysis, setting up test instrumentation, and performing automotive crash testing. This involves inspection, repair and troubleshooting of various automotive systems and components. It also involves making sure that the test vehicles are functioning correctly and according to manufacturer’s specifications. I have also been involved with numerous low-speed crash tests, with instrumented volunteers. The results of some of these tests have been published with the Society of Automotive Engineers.






about us

  • 20 years experience product engineering
  • 20 years experience automotive test engineering
  • Performed over 150 instrumented handling tests
  • Performed 12 staged remote-driven rollover crashes
  • Performed 56 staged remote-driven multi-vehicle crashes
  • Performed 10 remote-driven barrier crashes
  • Performed numerous low-speed multi-vehicle crashes
  • Performed over 20 component-failure tests
  • Performed over 100  vehicle inspections
  • Performed dozens of accident scene inspections
  • Performed over 100 CDR (Airbag Control Module) data collection downloads