The Phantom Driver Remote Driving System will fit any machine or vehicle with a steering wheel.

Vehicle preparation requires three steps:

  1. Remove driver’s airbag, if equipped. Remove or disable knee bolster airbag, if equipped.
  2. Install battery cut-off cable to battery ground circuit
  3. Install engine cut-off cable to appropriate fuse.

Mechanical connection to vehicle’s steering wheel, brake pedal, and gas pedal will take about 20 minutes.

  • Simple 1 hour vehicle preparation
  • 20 minute install time
  • Unique 2 person operation for safety
  • Self contained
  • Radio controlled driving system
  • Fits any vehicle
  • Systems currently in development for computer-control, autonomous control and non-steering wheel steering
  • Systems in development for transmission gear control
  • Has been adapted for permanent installation in military target vehicles
  • GPS-guided steering and speed control for accurate crashes


After a Rollover

The Phantom Driver is crash-hardened, and has been tested to survive over 50 vehicle crashes with no damage!

This system allows staging or recreating multiple-vehicle crashes, rollovers, barrier crashes, or driving demonstrations.


The Crew

Driver and safety officer


The Driver controls the vehicle’s steering, braking, and throttle. The Driver can also shut off the vehicle’s engine. The Driver is focused on controlling the vehicle.

The Safety Officer’s job is to make sure the field is clear of obstacles and other people, and to stop the vehicle if an unsafe condition arises.

The Safety Officer has a separate control radio, and can shut off the vehicle’s engine, apply the vehicle’s brakes, and disconnect the vehicle battery after a crash.

The Driving Crew